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Thought Leaders – the new normal in HR

Among the most successful companies in the world we have identified “What is the new normal in HR and what are the seven keys to master it”. This is how CEOs see the HR function of tomorrow

Re-boot projects new trend in consulting

What does that mean? Basically it is nothing else than companies spending millions in implementing new IT systems but not leveraging on it afterwards.

Must-Win-Battles in Management & HR

Our research shows that in each people management process there are a few Must-Win-Battles which need to be executed right by management.

The surprisingly simple way to effective HR in SMEs

For SMEs, HR was purely in an administrative role for many years. As people management is a cornerstone for success, SMEs also need to refocus their efforts and strengthen the contribution of HR.

Costs per hire do not matter anymore!

In many organisations today, we still find a strong focus on reducing hiring costs. But in high performing companies we discovered an interesting development: They’ve stopped measuring costs per hire (it’s now just an inconspicuous statistic).

7 Pitfalls to avoid in Benchmarking

Benchmarking is an old concept which got unpopular over time. Why align to what 80% of companies do in the same way as 80% of companies are not really successful in their respective industries?