Optimizing human capital to improve financial performance – learning from the best performing companies

We improve the financial performance of our clients by optimising the way they manage their people. It is our mission to identify the most value creating Must-Win-Battles – everything based on research and hard facts – and transfer this knowledge to our clients

“We are living in a quantitative world; everything gets put into numbers in almost all areas of life. And it’s the same with organisations – procurement, production, marketing, finance – almost all processes in a company can be quantified and linked to monetary results. In the last few years, people management processes have come into the measurement focus – especially as the people part of most organisations’ operating expenses is rather large.

“Still, lots of companies focus only on the HR department when they talk about people management processes. For most of the clients we serve, this point of view is already old-fashioned. Most of our clients have already streamlined their internal mainly transactional HR processes. And quite frankly, saving another handful of FTEs in the payroll department hardly improves an organisation’s competitiveness.

“The new focus is on those parts of the people management processes where HR is setting up the process but has to rely on line management to execute it (e.g. performance management). That’s where the largest value is locked and can be released by achieving process excellence, further increasing organisational change agility in a sustainable way. Putting metrics on these processes – and more importantly, linking these metrics to monetary results (top- and bottom line) – helps to prioritise the right actions and to create awareness within line management. This also places the HR department in a much more significant strategic role; no longer limited to doing administration, developing policies and carrying out recruitment, HR can make a major contribution to organisational competitiveness.”

Rainer Schmidbauer
Managing Partner

Our core competence is linking critical people management processes to financial results. Research has revealed that certain practices in the people management processes of an organisation contribute significantly to growing the top-line and create impressive business cases that support cost efficiency.

Depending on the industry, people related costs can be as high as 30-60% of total operating expenses. In many organizations, the measurements of human resource related processes and activities are still limited to a few metrics. Compared with other functional domains such as finance, procurement or sales, HR management often lack the same richness of leading indicators as their management peers in other functions. Companies would never enter the business year without a financial forecast or a sales pipeline. But why do so when it comes to the enabler of many business processes – our people?

The F-Top Institute is an international research firm headquartered near Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission “Learning from the Best” is incorporated into the F-Top Best Practice Platform as a premier global solution to compare the people management processes with companies worldwide from all major industries including Financial Services, Communications, Business Services, FMCG, Retail, High-Tech, Construction, Transportation/ Logistics and Pharma. F-Top Institute management and project leaders are seasoned practitioners with 15+ years of experience in the field of process excellence, research, personnel and organisational development. Our streamlined approach gives you fast results within just a few weeks and deep insights into the “DNA” of people management processes in your organisation and in leading companies.