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Putting a price-tag on a problem

 2.875,00 per person

Putting a price-tag on a problem (Module B) – 17th - 21st June 2024
 2.875,00 per person
17th June 2024 12:30 – 16.30
19th June 2024 12:30 – 16.30
21st June 2024 8:30 – 12:30
1 hours coaching tbd
Putting a price-tag on a problem (Module B) – 12th - 16th August 2024
 2.875,00 per person
12th August 2024 12:30 – 16.30
14th August 2024 12:30 – 16.30
16th August 2024 12:30 – 16.30
1 hours coaching tbd

This course makes you answer, “how to put a price tag on a problem?”. This module is one out of 3 modules in our HR Accent on the Future program and can be taken independently or as part of the full program.

It used to be easy for line managers to stop an initiative from HR by simply asking, “show me the money.” In reality, it’s not rocket science to quantify the financial side of an off-target HR metric (e.g., new hires with exceptionally high salaries due to generous managers) or arguing why managers should change their behaviour in certain areas (e.g. setting goals for employees early in the year).

This module kills the myth that people topics can’t be quantified and makes you ready for your next meeting with line management. “Show me the money” – this is what you will be able to do – putting a price tag on any people related problem – based on a simple approach you can do on a napkin.

Click the botton below if you are interested in all 3 modules and saving approximately 25 % on the full package (EUR 1425,00).

Content course – Module B Putting a price tag on a problem

Each of the 3 modules has its own agenda, value and main purpose and can be taken all together or individually when needed. To achieve the full value we recommend to attend all 3 modules over a shorter period of 3-4 months.

Each module consists of input, toolbox company cases and group work. In each group work there will be one of our coaches ready to guide the group of 2-3 participants while working.

Each module stands for itself and can if preferred be taken independently from the other modules and consists of “how to” input, toolboxes, cases work done in small group sessions.

During the group work there will be one of our coaches ready to guide you when needed. Finally, you will work individually on your specific company case with a one-to-one coaching at the end.

The modules are performed as live online courses and are kept short but efficient – to allow it to fit into your working agenda.


  • Overall: put a price tag (“What’s the cost for the organisation”) on any problem in people management – based on a calculation you can do on a napkin (well, you could do it on a napkin but using a calculator or any other tool will help of course…)
  • Support decision making (“What should we tackle first?”): Rank various issues based on their financial impact
  • Quantifying: what is the top line value creation per employee
  • Distinguish between overall expected value creation per regular employee and special cases such as high potentials
  • Use assumptions to make up for missing data in business case calculations
  • Set up a business case calculation that will still be understandable in a few weeks’ time (structure, documentation…) and is accepted by other stakeholders ( e.g., finance)
  • Identify drivers of financial impact in major HR processes and financially relevant success criteria
  • Going beyond the business case: assuming that measures will be recommended based on the results of the business case: Identify and elaborate on drivers of successful implementation of these measures (communication, change management, progress follow up etc.)
  • Calculating a range of base business cases to be used regarding typical issues organizations have (as building blocks to be used)
  • Build your own company business case around a real topic/issue through one-to-one coaching
  • Enjoy a safe learning environment – small groups, individual coaching and a hands-on approach
  • Overall: grow competence and confidence of putting a price tag on an issue


  • Condensed relevant content: Even if motivated to learn about digital HR, you can spend thousands of hours clicking through websites, buzzword loaded YouTube videos and “free” webinars without achieving any new skills. Our three modules are based on what clients have evaluated highly in years of conducting research. 21st century HR, in a nutshell.
  • Effective format: Migrating HR’s people expertise into the digital age is not just an intellectual step but requires a change in approach and, in some cases, stepping out of an individuals’ comfort zone. The three face-to-face modules delivered by experienced practitioners leverage the personal presence and peer-learning. They provide insights as well as engaging and interactive motivation.
  • Future proof: Data-driven HR is here to stay – and the chances are, you don’t want to (and can’t) completely change your career within HR. Therefore, upskilling is the best way to be future proof. The three modules described above equip you with the knowledge and the confidence to succeed in the new data-driven world – without confusing and frustrating people with fuzzy buzzwords and unnecessary details.
  • Define your (HR’s) turf in the data-driven world: HR is not necessarily the first thing you think of regarding digital leadership in the organisation. Being part of a team that showcases the power of data-driven people management in everyday practice stops any questions, at C- level, about HR’s relevance.
  • Define expectations and the way forward: Many seasoned HR professionals are torn between the panic that they will never master data-related skills and the hope that it will somehow bypass them. Neither option provides a solid foundation for a high performing HR team to combine forces with new digital-savvy colleagues. Our three modules offer the essentials you need for a data-driven HR.

Coaching & sparring

There will be plenty of coaching resources while building your skills working on specific anonymized cases from companies around the world. In each module you will immediately get guidance and feedback from peers working with you in small groups and from our experienced trainers and facilitators.

Furthermore, our one-to-one coaching on your personal company case will ensure that you bring immediate value to yourself and for your company. Via the intensive coaching for tangible results, we raise your confidence of working data-driven and accelerate the ability to apply this in practice.

Participants & profile

No matter if your current role is working in HR as executives, managers, business partners, HR professionals, HR generalists, HR specialists, HR experts, COE professionals, analysts, recruiters, talent managers and service professionals you will benefit from participating.

During this up-skilling program all the participants will have an active role in groupwork. There will be homework and time in between the modules to prepare and reflect on the content.

Our tutors & coaches

Our courses are facilitated by international trainers and coaches with proven impact in HR, coaching, management consulting and blended learning.