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Reply To: Difference between presentation and story telling

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Hi Susanne,
Good question! Because basically I would claim that a nice and clean presentation is also the solid basis for a well told story. You need to have your message clear, straight and structured. The flow should be logical and easy to follow – from your audience´s point of view – and the key points you want to make should be obviously highlighted and understandable.
With story telling the “cream topping” to the above said is a bunch of tasty emotions. We use for instance analogies from “normal life” to emotionally top the facts we want to address, and by doing so we achieve one important thing: Make our audience remember what we present. It is a fact that the human brain is touched by emotions, visuals, surprises and similar effects much more than by pure data, text and content focused information.
I hope you find some nice ideas and creative inspiration for stories and analogies here in our blog. And if you need additional hints, please feel free and post more questions – happy to respond and to support further!
Have fun telling your story 😊
F-Top Coach / Regine