The surprisingly simple way to effective HR in SMEs

For SMEs, HR was purely in an administrative role for many years. As people management is a cornerstone for success, SMEs also need to refocus their efforts and strengthen the contribution of HR. Unfortunately the resources needed are simply not there – at least not in the right quantity. Therefore line management has to take an even larger accountability.

So basically there are several challenges:

• HR does not have the resources to develop and/or establish efficient and value creating processes in a proper way

• HR does not have the resources to educate and upskill line managers in executing people management successfully

• And partly HR does not have the funds to invest in HR information systems that allow fact based decisions in people management

This dilemma can be solved most effectively by re-focusing HR on supporting line management – but this means the development work (re-engineering existing or setting-up new processes, putting metrics and business cases in place etc.) needs to be taken care of by somebody else.

It is like keeping a garden in good shape: A good gardener would not invent and construct his own lawnmower, he would go to the next specialised hardware store and buy the proper tools. He would rather invest his time in treating the garden so it will look great. 

The same goes for HR: We have identified cross industry winning practices, covering the most decisive process steps, established the high-value generating metrics connected with clear business cases to prove the value of each process.

Our Best-Practice-Transfer Packages enable HR functions get easy access to what it takes to bring people management to the next level, making it easy to decide upon the most successful practices and putting it into place together with the right metrics.

Via our Must-Win-Battle Training line managers are brought up to speed, fully understanding their accountability in these processes and the results they have to reach – and all easy to be measured and followed-up by the HR function.

It’s all about how to fulfil management expectations with limited resources.

“… There is no need to invent the big wheel again – it is there, it is based on hard facts & research and ready to be transferred…”

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