The Excellence Award

The Top Performer Excellence Awards is based on the research of 4000 activities in over 1500 international organisational units

Great Achievements must be awarded – show excellent practice to your stakeholders

The objective of The Top Performer Excellence Award is to recognise outstanding organisations worldwide. These organisations demonstrate an exceptional practice  in People Management Processes “doing the right things”. Organisations obtains significant value by showing their results:

-Comparing with the significant practice of financial top performing organisations worldwide

-International acknowledgement for best performance in chosen areas of people management

-Highly valued feedback that identifies and helps understand the gaps and possible process enhancements

-Demonstrating achievements within the organisation and also to outside stakeholders (investors, business partners, clients, employees and applicants)

-Motivating the board to further invest and recognise people management

-The ambition and thrill to succeed inspires, motivates and energises HR at all levels of the organisation in a positive and constructive way


We see so many great results out there and projects efforts that had an impact. We would like to acknowledge all the top performers in people management.

The Award is based on a self assessment performed in each organisation showing their practices in chosen areas:

-Leadership, culture & engagement

-Recruiting & onboarding

-Performance management

-Compensation & benefits

-Talent, succession & career pathing

-Training & development

-Diversity & inclusion

-Critical positions & succession

-HR Function & competences

-People analytics

After 20 years research we know what it takes to be a top performer in people management

The process is easy & efficient 

Sign on to the top performer excellence process

Introduction call done by our assessors (1 hour)

Company completing self-assessment & submit answers (0,5 day per chosen area)

Analysis and feedback report prepared by assessor

Feedback call about results and adjustments (2 hours)

Award Celebration

Optional Sharing high value metrics & target range used by our top performer group