Costs per hire do not matter anymore!

Summary: In many organisations today, we still find a strong focus on reducing hiring costs. But in high performing companies we discovered an interesting development: They’ve stopped measuring costs per hire (it’s now just an inconspicuous statistic). Why is that? Well, the reason is, that when you recruit a high performer, they have a shorter time […]

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Fact based decisions through powerful People Analytics

Summary: Few companies rely on intuition, or gut feelings, when making a major financial investment or bringing a product to market. But when it involves the workforce, often a company’s most valuable and expensive asset, executives often fall back on hunches or sub-standard data to make their decisions. It need not be that way, though – […]

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The surprisingly simple way to effective HR in SMEs

For SMEs, HR was purely in an administrative role for many years. As people management is a cornerstone for success, SMEs also need to refocus their efforts and strengthen the contribution of HR. Unfortunately the resources needed are simply not there – at least not in the right quantity. Therefore line management has to take an even larger accountability. So basically there […]

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Big Data in HR – New way of working or just a new hype?

Most companies struggle to identify the needed success-relevant metrics to keep control of all people management processes – getting this right is a powerful platform to get HR in the driving seat, creating real value by highlighting issues tied to financial results, moving managers into the right direction and deciding on organisational change based on […]

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Must-Win-Battles in Management & HR

Our research shows that within 6 strategic HR areas there are, in each, a few Must-Win-Battles which need to be executed right by management. Executing these right according to F-Top practice shows a significant raise in business results. In many organisations the people management processes are well-defined, HR professionals are well-trained and motivated – but […]

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Changing the playing field: How to defend against purely cost-cutting initiatives

Many consulting firms focus on streamlining transactional HR with pure cost focus  – perceiving HR as a well-oiled delivery machine. Changing the playing field: Most value is generated where HR provides processes, tools and coaching — but line management has the accountability to execute. A thorough evaluation involves all people management processes and looks rather for […]

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Going beyond Dave Ulrich… How the famous HR model led to some unintended consequences

In many companies, BPs and CoEs developed in a dysfunctional way quite different to original intentions. Now there is a strong trend in leading organisations to take the best of the Ulrich model and move beyond it – in order to fix deficiencies and bring the HR function to the next level. There is no […]

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HR’s key to boardroom impact: Fact-based status of HR across company units—in one graphic overview using the HR Excellence MatrixTM

Insights into HR practices with proven impact on business performance have been available via the F-Top Benchmark for over a decade — and many companies with a focus on people management have used this to demonstrate their success and to shape their strategic HR journey. However, comparing units of a corporate group based on hard […]

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HR functions are changing focus – from developing concepts towards optimising results

During the last years the focus of HR functions has dramatically changed. Ten years ago most HR functions developed concepts regarding training/development, talent management, succession planning etc.  HR now has a much larger stake when it comes to value creation and the pressure to show results, proving top and bottom line impact, is mounting. Our […]

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7 Pitfalls to avoid in Benchmarking

Based on our experiences, we have identified common challenges among companies in Benchmarking. Below are some examples and some questions the F-Top practice answers. Read about how to avoid common pitfalls. Pitfall 1: Benchmark is done at too high a level Many companies think that one overall corporate benchmark is sufficient. However, larger organisations should […]

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