Strong impact through sharp focus, knowing the Must-Win-Battles to shape the future

…Based on proven best practice from our yearly renewed benchmarks covering more than 4.000 activities and over 300 metrics in all people management processes gathered from over 1500 organisational units…

Recent decades have seen most companies moving into the Dave Ulrich structure, much stronger IT systems supporting HR but also partly an over-design of processes focusing on details rather than high value creating practices and process steps – where the big difference between success and failure is made.

Based on our yearly renewed research and knowledge base we are able to carve out the high value generating process steps and practices as well as the results companies have to reach there.


Successful organisations focus mainly on the decisive process steps, getting the results right in these areas. These specific practices (mostly independent from industry and country) we packaged in different ways to cater for different needs.

Each module presents the covered processes with all relevant metrics (out of a pool of over 300) and all relevant activities (out of a pool of over 4.000).

  • Review current processes against best practice
  • Input to re-engineer processes
  • Build-up HR practice from scratch
  • Align processes in diversified groups
  • Train HR professionals in best practices

‘If you get these things right, the rest is a matter of taste!’ Learn how the Financial Top Performers are structuring, organising and measuring their people management processes – get inspired to implement people management processes that have an impact on the top- and bottom line.

F-Top Essentials

This is a carve out of all processes representing the most value creating process steps and the results to be reached.

‘If you get these things right, the rest is a matter of taste!’

  • Inspire HR management teams for hammering out a strategy
  • Focus on the highest value creating stuff
  • Focus the organization in order to gain fast and visible results

Adding value through Line Management: Although everything might be optimised – the real value and success comes from consequent execution by the top and line management.

Must-Win-Battles focusing on line managers and business partners:

In many organisations the processes are well-defined, HR professionals well-trained and motivated – but the execution is often lacking due to managers not supporting the process, acting half-heartedly or simply not understanding the value of people management.

We designed this module in order to raise awareness within line management for people management processes and furnish them with the handful most successful practices and result to be reached in every process. This allows managers to focus on the right things gaining most value out of the processes – all linked to company success via business cases.

All training results are measurable and able to be connected to business cases as the trainings are based on hard facts.

The measurement part can be customized to the company needs with concrete formulas, target ranges developed with the client and based on best practice data from the benchmarks.

The same training makes also much sense for business partners as they are working closely together with line managers furnishing them with the language and arguments line management understands – e.g. building business cases and linking process results to measurable business value.

All Must-Win-Battle Modules are delivered electronically but also in a one-day workshop – presenting and interpreting the best practice and the client team immediately reflecting on it, discussing it and also deciding upon action.

Of course companies who are in the process of reengineering people management processes or HR functions in detail also can get access to the full benchmark via 3 different modules (or bespoke if needed). It is a fast and hands-on practice transfer that enables the HR team immediately to reflect on their own practice but also to shape, change and fine-tune processes based on hard facts.