Common Challenges

Based on our experiences, we identified common challenges among companies. Below are some examples and some questions the F-Top practice answers.

7 out of 10 companies fail to identify and work with poor and low performers!

  • How many low and poor performers does every organisation have?
  • How many low performers move to a better level within one year?
  • How many poor performers are still with the company?
  • What impact does it have on the top and bottom line?

6 out of 10 companies have too few qualified candidates for each open position!

  • Which media are used for employer branding?
  • What’s the investment in that area?
  • How many qualified candidates do you need in order to fill the candidate pipeline?

8 out of 10 companies have too few resources in place to fill the business partner role properly!

  • How many managers should be served by one HR business partner?
  • How much time should a business partner spend on coaching and training line managers in people management processes?
  • How large should the full investment in strategic HR be?

5 out of 10 companies have an inefficient recruiting process!

  • How many candidates should I invite to the first interview?
  • How many candidates can a company afford to lose at the end of the whole process?
  • How much quality time is spent with a single candidate by line management and HR?
  • What is the appropriate staffing level within HR to support the process?

8 out of 10 companies have not identified key positions, or if they have, only do so for higher management levels!

  • Is the company risk behind key positions (and key persons) transparent on all employee levels?
  • How many key positions are covered with successors?
  • How high is the employee attrition in these key people groups compared to overall company attrition?
  • What is the actual risk in monetary terms?

4 out of 10 companies fail to run an efficient and successful talent management!

  • How many talents need to be identified?
  • How many talents need to be developed?
  • How long should the time in position be?