Survey Autumn 2020

Our latest research covers 11 countries and 523 organisations. Of course fire fighting is key - but most successful organisations use the time well to also prepare for the new agenda

How to manage in times of crisis

Here is a short summary of the results. It confirms the typical behavior of financially outstanding organisations compared to others.

This is what CEOs expect in the next 12 months:

What does this mean for the HR function for the next 12 to 18 months:

Beside the operational work on headcount reduction in some organisations there are basically 4 areas where a large leverage should be reached:

  • Focus on what moves the needle most
  • Managing via hard facts and metrics
  • Up-Skilling HR BPs to work with numbers
  • Up-Skilling line managers to leverage on people management with focus on the high value activities and results to be reached

We have adopted our offerings based on our vast knowledge base to meet the demands:

  • Learning Nuggets
  • High value indicator workshop
  • Business case calculator
  • Up-Skilling HR BPs, also available online as blended learning
  • Up-Skilling line managers, also available online as blended learning